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Kelly Gray

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University in Spanish and Education, and earned a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Grand Valley State University.  I currently teach Spanish II and III at Godwin Heights High School.

I have been teaching Spanish at Godwin since 2010, but I have been a high school Spanish teacher since 2000.  My passion for Spanish language and culture blossomed when I was in high school. I spent a year abroad as a foreign exchange student in Seville, Spain, where my passion for language and culture flourished.  I spent five years teaching Spanish at Caledonia High School, took a couple of years off in order to be with my two young daughters, then returned to the classroom at Godwin Heights in 2010. Currently, my husband and I enjoy spending time with our two daughters, as they are busy with activities like cheerleading, track and tennis.  I love working for Godwin Heights and inspiring students to be passionate about their education and the ability to become biliterate, and the opportunities that accompany those skills.