Student Support Services


WHO is on the Student Support Services Team? Click on each name to send individual emails! 

Kristi Bonilla - School Counselor

Kelsey Gruber - KSSN Community School Coordinator

Kelly Ibarra - School Counselor

Jenna Abdul-Jawad- KSSN Clinician

Whitney McKinney - School Social Worker



WHAT does the Student Support Services Team Believe?

Student Services work collaboratively with community agencies to offer prevention and interventions that address family issues, provide access to resources for drug and alcohol problems, truancy and disciplinary concerns, teen pregnancy, and physical and mental health concerns. Building-level support for instructional and administrative staff is a critical aspect of the Student Services mission, as is serving on Crisis Intervention teams and Community Health Committees. In addressing the whole student, we seek to provide access and opportunities for academic, post-secondary and career success.

Belief Statements:

  • We believe all students can learn and deserve to achieve lifelong success academically, personally/socially and in the world of work.
  • We believe learning requires active participation, mutual respect, and individual accountability of students, teachers, parents and community members.
  • We believe working as a team with all individuals involved in our students' lives is the strongest and most effective way to help students build a magnificent future.

WHAT is the Student Support Services Vision?

Through collaboration between students, teachers, SST members, administrators, families, and the community, we envision a school environment where all students will be provided enrichment and support in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development. Students eager to come to school regularly, engage in learning, having positive social interactions with teachers, peers, and parents and will have set short and long term goals with steps to help them achieve lifelong success.

WHAT is the Student Support Services Team Mission?

The Student Services Team works as partners with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community to promote opportunities for academic achievement, lifelong learning, positive self-development, and social responsibility.


HOW do I contact the Student Support Services Team?

Parents, students, teachers, and administrators may contact any member of the Student Support Services Team via phone or email with questions or concerns. Parents may always request to meet face-to-face as well. We are always happy to assist.